When Zone 4 opened up for Y & T on April 9th, 2006

They got to share the Stage with;

The Frank Hannon Band & Fear The Days

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Not only did Y & T "ROCK THE HOUSE" as usual, but "The Frank Hannon Band" and "Fear the Days"


(Special thanks to Dave and his wife, and Max, for giving us another shot)

(Also special thanks to Steve Covault for the killer shots of the band!) (Front Page)

Zone 4 opened up for Y & T @ Brick by Brick

on May 14th 2005

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In my opinion, Dave Meniketti  has got to be one of the most under rated musicians around! I am truly amazed by someone that possesses his vocal and guitar playing ability! Then to top it off,  his whole band and crew are totally professional and cool!

It was truly and honor to open up for  Y & T! 

Special thanks to Bret Brettelle, Frank, Greg, and Jerry  for the photo's