Zone 4 opened for George Lynch @ Brick by Brick                                                                                4/18/04

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Not only did George "TEAR IT UP" in his usual "FURIOUS" way, he was also a very kind and gracious person, even after just finishing a grueling tour! My hat is off to you Mr. Lynch!

Thanks to Steve Popeney, Brett Brettelle, & Margurita for all the cool pics.

Special thanks to Ray and his sweet wife Jennifer for all the help and support they have given Zone 4.

Zone 4 opened for George again @ The Brick


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Once again, George TORE IT UP! Not only were his band and crew  of "ALLSTAR QUALITY",

They were the nicest bunch of people you would ever want to meet!

Many thanks to Tim Brown and Steve Popeney for the pics

Also a great job by Chuck, Ansara, and Frank.